Scope of the Permission

1. The certificate holder is allowed uplinking for newsgathering and its further distribution to other broadcasters only.

  • The message (including sound, data , text , video picture, etc ) conveyed in the SNG system shall not be for direct reception for the general public.
  • Advertisements are not permitted.



Terms and Conditions

2. The certificate holder shall:


  • shall not be permitted to operate the SNG system to provide telecommunication services.
  • not uplink TV programmes/ news for direct reception by public.
  • keep record of uplinked materials for a period of 30 days and shall produce the same to the Authority as and when required.
  • provide the necessary monitoring facility at its own cost for monitoring of content by the representative of Authority or any other Government agency as and when required.
  • not use any equipment, which is identified as unlawful and / or render network security vulnerable.
  • furnish the list of its broadcasters as and when required by the Authority.
  • respect the sovereignty, security and integrity of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • ensure that uplinked news do not create violence, terrorism racial ethnic or religious discrimination.
  • comply with PEMRA Ordinance 2002, Rules and Regulations made thereunder.

3. This permission is non-transferable.
4. The uplinking facility shall not be used for political purposes
5. The Authority or its authorized representative shall have the right to inspect the uplinking facilities.
6. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the certificate would result in termination/cancellation of the certificate.